Every dream and passion for travel is different, so every journey is different. There are no wrong answers in travel.

You may dream of a cultural tour of Europe, eating your way through Italy and France, or discovering the ancient cultures of Peru. You may want to explore the wineries of New Zealand, visit the outback of Australia and learn from the indigenous people about their culture, experience Polynesian culture in Tahiti or go on a spiritual quest in Bali. Are you dreaming of a wellness retreat? We’ve got you covered with options worldwide. You may want to explore the rivers of Europe on a river cruise, or knock off destinations on your bucket list on an ocean cruise without having to unpack. You may want to see the fjords of Norway, visit the palaces of Russia or visit the world renowned restaurants of Copenhagen. Or, you may want to visit those places in North America you have always been meaning to get to. The options are endless.

Your time is valuable. We save you hours of work and deliver extraordinary experiences by accessing our industry only research resources and leveraging our global Virtuoso network connections to ensure that you receive access, upgrades, and exclusive options that are simply not available to the public. Let’s start planning!

Culinary and Wine

From wine themed river cruises, a cooking school in France or Italy, an ocean cruise hosted by a celebrity chef, a culinary tour of Cuba or Peru, or a half day foodie tour wherever you may be, the options are endless!

Ocean Cruises

Our preferred ocean cruise partners offer trips all over the world. From luxury cruises with butler service to expeditions in Antarctica, there is something for everyone. We can tailor private excursions for you and your travel companions using our trusted partners around the globe for an in-depth cultural experience without the crowds. We have designed a detailed Cruise Preference Survey to match you to the perfect ocean cruise experience.

River Cruises

Our preferred river cruises offer incomparable experiences in Europe, Asia, India, Egypt and Africa. They offer distinctive and unique insights into the region. Themed cruises are becoming increasingly popular, such as wine cruises and the ever sought after Christmas Markets in Europe.

Solo Travel

Solo travel can be extremely rewarding, is no longer the outdated concept of “singles travel” and is becoming increasingly popular. Have a passion only you want to explore? Have a partner who does not want to travel? Need some time to yourself to de-stress and regroup? We can make that happen.

Guided Land Vacations

Our preferred guided vacation suppliers offer tours around the world with choices based on length, interests and budget.  Guided vacations can offer great value for the money and many can provide insider access. Many have groups of 12-24, moving away from the traditional larger groups of 36-40, which were typical in the past. There is more time for individual exploration factored into these itineraries in recent years. Have a group of 15 or more?  Let us design a custom guided vacation just for you.

Independent Travel

We work with our partners around the world who use their local expertise to create an itinerary that reflects your wishes, interests and passions.

Group & Family Vacations

Whether on land, the river or at sea, we design the perfect trip based on your interests, preferences and budget. We work with alumnae associations, groups of friends, clubs and any type of group you may have. We also work with church groups and religious based travel across the world. Popular destinations for religious based travel are Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Spain, and Rome.

Many of our partners are very family friendly and can design itineraries and activities based on your particular family’s interests and ages.

Group Travel


Maintaining an optimal level of wellness is absolutely crucial to live a higher quality life. Wellness matters. Wellness matters because everything we do and every emotion we feel relates to our well-being. In turn, our well-being directly affects our actions and emotions. It’s an ongoing circle.  Wellness oriented activities can help reduce stress, and help you to lead a more mindful and balanced lifestyle, reducing the risk of illness.

We work with our wellness partners across the globe to help you enjoy a customized experience that addresses your desires and goals.



We work with our trusted partners to provide travel insurance, protecting your investment and your peace of mind.

Our network affiliations, professional resources and expertise provide you with a gateway to the most interesting destinations in the world.